Join our Summer StorySharer challenge! Enter our new competition to share how the Bible connects with your everyday experience.

If you’re under 25 you can share your story and the best one will receive £350 to help your future creative journey!

The What

How do the stories and words of the Bible connect with your everyday life, dreams, thoughts, and feelings? Where does your story connect with the Bible’s Story?

We are inviting anyone under the age of 25 to create brand new digital content that is inspired by the Bible. Open a Bible, have a read, and share how it impacts you, inspires you, challenges you, mystifies you, annoys you, enlightens you – whatever it stirs up and however it connects with you. Then, create digital content to share your story with us, (and your friends, followers and fellow scrollers if you want to).

Whatever your favourite platform – TikTok, Instagram, snapchat, YouTube – you can make something original and creative, and join a new generation of digital StorySharers.


The Why

What a life. What a world. What a story!

Love. War. Peace. Mental Health. Depression. Climate. Parents. Race. Religion. Knife crime. Drugs. Netflix. Gaming. Equality. Power.

Check out the Bible’s own words and stories and see if there’s some connections for you today.

You can choose whatever part of the Bible you like. How does it strike you? What does it make you think, feel and experience? How would you share that with others? There are different versions of the Bible – You can use any translation, any language, and present it in any digital format.

From a fully formed tiny movie to a new emoji, a TikTok video to a singular image or your chosen craft made into a film. However you create digital content, it’s time for the world to see it! You can be a part of a new generation of Lifewords StorySharers!

How to Enter

Step 1: Check out the competition brief.

Step 2: Grab a Bible and have a read. (You don’t have to be an expert, and it doesn’t matter if you have read it cover-to-cover, or whether it is your very first encounter – just step in!)

Step 3: Create and send us your original content, tag us, and be in with the chance of winning a prize

Step 4: With your entry, briefly tell us what inspired you, how it impacted you, using: #lwstorysharers and tag @versefirst

Age: Under 25

Deadline: 11th September 2022, midnight

Prize for winner: £350 to help fund your creative journey